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Kicking off Summer 2022


Hey, Hey El Fuego Fans!

We are officially at ONE month since returning from the beach and running out of the trailer full time! What a month it has been!

We’ve been loving working out of the trailer and being out in our community serving YOU! As we’ve been building our brand recognition we’ve gained a lot of new followers, so I thought it was a good time for a quick intro/recap!

This is us- El Fuego! Our team is our family of four; Chris, Valeri, Olivia, and Sophia! A lot of you have loved placing and picking up your orders from our girls, they are HARD workers and we couldn’t be more proud of them.

As you’ve seen us out and about in the community I’m sure you’ve noticed- we’re not your typical food truck. We’re breaking into the Midwest with a Mexican fusion we like to call “MountainMex”.

We’re not trying to fit a mold, we’re breaking it!

While our perfectly filled and grilled burritos can stand on their own, our green chili is the star of El Fuego & any of you who have fed the fire know why.

Whether you’re a bonafide Fuego Fanatic or a brand new Fuego Follower, we are so grateful to YOU for joining us in this adventure and we can’t wait to serve you at our upcoming summer events!

Hammer Martial Arts Invitational

Hi(YAH) Fuego Fans! We KICKED your weekend off right at the Hammer Martial Arts Spring invitational.

Whether you’re Miyagi Do or Cobra Kai , there was no need to be Kung Fu Fighting… We FED THE FIRE for the entire crowd all day long and loved every second of it!  Thanks again for having us! 

Community Launch

Community Launch February 25th: Court House Grounds with Friends and local business owners.

Overwhelmed is an understatement for how our hearts have felt, soaking up all the joy from our launch.

From the family, friends, and community who continued pouring in the door all night, to the community businesses surrounding us in encouragement and love, to those who finished their meals and jumped in to help us keep up!

You all have filled our hearts to overflowing.

We were non stop all night long, until we completely sold out (of 100 servings) right before closing.

It was a dream come true to work side by side as a family and serve our community, a dream that couldn’t have been complete without all of YOU! A dream that is just beginning!

Stay tuned… we plan to see you all again SOON!

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