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About El Fuego

Hello! I want to take a minute to introduce ourselves to those of you who might not know our El Fuego team.

Our Team

This is us - our family! My husband (Chris) and I (Valeri), along with our two hard working daughters by our sides are starting small and expecting great things.

Ever since getting married and having a family, I have always had the blessing of being able to be home with our girls while Chris has worked hard in the corporate world to make sure we always had what we needed.

Now, just two weeks into going full-time with El Fuego, we’re all realizing what a joy it is to have more time and energy to pour into this passion project, along with being able to focus on being creative and working hard towards the goals we’re creating as a family.

We are beyond thrilled to watch what has always been Chris’ dream grow into our family’s dream and take flight!

This recipe and business is really something special and we’re so happy to share it with our community. Chris has tinkered for years to perfect our flavors and this concept has been born out of countless conversations, dreaming and planning as a family *but* we had to wait for God‘s perfect timing, as do so many things in life.

And you guys - the time is NOW!

We have been so overwhelmed and blessed by the continuous love and support that we have received from our friends and family and we can’t wait to get to know those of you we haven’t met yet! This is going to be such an exciting adventure and a delicious new chapter and this is just the beginning! Thanks for joining us on the ride!!

Our Food

Colorado style green chili

…the rocky mountain take on a popular mexican cuisine. Don’t let the term “chili” confuse you, while it can be served up in a bowl with a side of chips or tortillas and warm you to your soul, this chili is best enjoyed smothering some of your favorite mexican entrees. The smothering options are endless, believe me - we’ve smothered it all in our home, El Fugeo will start out by offering a few Mexican staples that just beg for that savory and spicy smother. (Check our or menu)

There are many versions of this dish but our particular recipe has been crafted with love and perfection over the past 20 years and can not be rivaled! It will warm you to your core as it tantalizes your taste buds with a unique heat that leaves you wanting more!

We’re excited to introduce this popular west coast dish to our community here in Indy!

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